Cavachons and Cavapoos
We are a small family/veterinarian owned kennel in rural Northeast Georgia.  We are licensed and inspected by the state.  Our goal is to provide excellent quality puppies to loving homes. Our babies live and play side by side with our two teenage boys.  They are loving and playful (the dogs AND the kids)
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Cavachons puppies are hybrid dogs.  They combine a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Bichon Frise.  The puppies are very cute and fuzzy and boast of being non-shedding.  They are also believed to be hypo- to non-allergenic.  Our babies range from 10-18 pounds and will grow to be ~15 inches long (from nose to rump) and ~8-12inces high at the shoulder. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very intelligent and sweet dogs.  They are very loving, but are independent enough to enjoy a little "alone time" every now and then.  Most enjoy water and will swim regularly, but not all.  Some are a little more pristine and want to keep their shiny, slick hair looking spiffy.

The Bichon Frise is a very friendly little fellow. The name actually meant "little lap dog" when the breed was founded.  A Bichon wants to be played with or loved on every minute of the day.  They also have A LOT  of energy which makes the hybrid great for children.  They have a very curly coat and do not shed.

The combination of the two breeds brings out the best of both.  The coat resembles a Bichon with its tight curls and lack of shedding, but has the beautiful markings of the Cavalier.  The personalities always vary, but all are sweet, loving puppies that can go from lap dog to frisbee dog in no time!  Neither breed has a history of aggression or biting.  Adequate training and exercise usually eliminate the possiblity of developing any undesirable behavior patterns in any breed, therefore we recommend obedience training with a professional.  Always consult your veterinarian for a list of trainers in your area.
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